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Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After ... Tips on Hosting the Perfect Wedding Shower.

Panicked over hosting a wedding shower … dreading the games with rolls of toilet paper or serving sandwiches with the crusts cut off. Not to worry, we can help you plan a wedding shower that is stylish, fun, creative and sooo not like the showers of days gone by!

Determine what you want to do

Showers no longer have to be where guests sit around and watch the bride open presents. Talk to the bride first and figure out what she envisions. It could be a fun evening in a swanky hotel lounge, a dinner in a private dining room or a backyard party with great music, custom cocktails and delicious food. So really, it can be any kind of party you want it to be.

Set the Guest List

The only real rule for wedding showers is to invite those who are also invited to the wedding. That being said, you can determine if the shower is for family, a co-ed party with the groom or just a gathering of best gal pals. And, it is totally ok to have two showers … one with your girl squad and one more traditional with relatives.

Design and Decorate

Designing a look is our favourite part of a Wedding Shower. You can pick a colour palette, a theme or just a vibe you want to achieve. Regardless, it is so much fun to tie it all together with invitations, custom signs, personalized napkins, a signature cocktail, flowers, a photo station, a send home gift and more.

Wedding Shower themes are all the rage these days. It is a fun way to add personality to the event and makes planning the rest of the party easy ensuring cohesiveness and continuity. From a nautical pool party with funky blue and white 'floaties', to a backyard boho chic picnic with wood pallet tables and oversized pillows, anything is possible. From "Love is a Sweet Adventure" travel theme with passport and trunk displays to a Sommelier Wine Tasting or mixology lessons - the ideas are limitless and a chance to showcase the bride’s favourite things. Picking a theme helps you to visualize your colour choices, allows decor ideas to flow easier and often times food and drink choices will fall into place.

Bridal Shower Games … Think Again!

We can’t remember any shower where any bride really wants to spend her time covered in bows and ribbons from presents. And who wants to interrupt the flow of the party and force all of the guests to race around a yard wearing an apron with a colander on their head. In fact, we think it is ok to have lots of food, cocktails and just hang out! But if you want to provide something for your guests to do we suggest individual activities that do not interrupt the fun, laughter and flow of the gathering. Create stations around the room that guests can visit or not! A date night jar or advice cards that can match your décor and are memorable keepsakes for the bride.

One of our favourite shower activities is a Flower Bar. Since bouquets and flowers are such an intricate part of weddings and this is a bridal shower, having a flower cart with beautiful flowers for the guests to get creative with their own arrangements is the perfect activity. Pair gorgeous florals in your favorite colors with some greenery displayed on our white wood cart and you have stunning decor and a fragrant and fun activity all in one. The flower bar also serves as a great favour. After all, who does't love fresh flowers to take home.

Photo Opportunities

We always recommend hiring a photographer to walk around and take photos of the bride and guests. Or if you prefer to take your own photos create a fabulous photo background for your wedding shower with a flower wall, boxwood greenery, balloon wall or large stand up flowers. It is a great way for guests to gather together and take selfies, and to mix in your colour and party theme.

Snacks and Drinks

Never forget one of the most important parts of any Bridal Shower ... delicious food and fun drinks.

Whether you are serving a sit down meal, passed appetizers, grazing stations or sweets and treats, our number one rule is to get delicious food and lots of it. Hiring a caterer to take care of the food gives you, the host, an opportunity to relax and enjoy the party. You can focus on the Bride and the fun and let someone else prepare the food and clean up afterwards!

Mimosa Bars for daytime showers, afternoon tea parties with vintage teacups, a beer tasting, a champagne station, rosé all day, a custom cocktail named after the Bride or non alcoholic punch ... there are so many options and fun ideas that can match your theme, your colour and your Bride's unique tastes. Whatever drinks you decide to serve, make sure you have glasses to match, a fun sign and a display that will wow your guests.

Our last bit of advice for planning a wedding shower is something that applies to all types of events. One of the most important things we like to tell our clients is the best way to ensure your guests have fun is to make sure you do as well. Take the time to plan, ask for help, hire a professional, involve the bride so she is on board with your plan, create a flow of the event space so your theme and activities work in the space chosen. We are no strangers to the stress of hosting a big event or planning a gathering for someone else. But remember that your guests and the bride will see your stress. Being prepared enables you to be confident in what you have planned and will give you a chance to relax and enjoy the party. And if you have fun ... there is no doubt your guests and the bride will too!

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