What We Offer

Twist Events

At Twist Events, we offer a wide range of services from event planning to custom design artwork to candy tables and donut walls, elegant flower bars as well as gift boxes for both individual and corporate giving.  We also provide decor rentals such as boxwood walls, flower walls, glow balls, a wide range of lighting options, fun food machines, lawn games and more.  

Twist Events Gift Box

We offer a variety of gift boxes to suit all your giving needs.  With gifts for those that are working from home, boxes for discerning home bartenders, for charcuterie lovers, for those that love to bake or garden, fabulous hostess presents, birthday gifts and many more.  


We also provide custom gift boxes for both individual giving as well as large corporate events and parties. .

Twist Events - Event Planning

Chose from one of our pre-set  packages or we can create a custom package to fit your exact needs.  


We can plan your event from start to finish or just help with one or two areas where where you need an extra hand.

Jill and Leo invitation back round.jpg

Bring the look of your whole event together with custom design and artwork.  


We can help make your event extra special with a look that matches your style and theme tying it all together with customizable details, from a large backdrop to small tags,  we will make it seamless and beautiful.

Chic Boho Picnic

Who says you can't escape in your own backyard?

Turn a small at-home picnic into something unique and stylish with the addition of some beautiful fresh cut flowers, colourful cushions, a stylish low Soiree table and some mood-setting lighting.  Your friends will be so buzzing about it for months.  

Twist Events - Flower Bar

A Flower Bar is a new and exciting way to add a stunning, fun and interactive activity to your next event.  


With the help of our flower experts, your guests make beautiful arrangements and then get to take them home. It is the perfect send home all in one fragrant bunch!

Twist Events - Sweet Tables

We offer dazzling arrays of sweets, cakes, candy and the most delicious gourmet donut options that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.  Think candy tables and donut walls.

Choose one or all items for the most decadent sweet table you have ever seen!  

Boxwood Backdrop

We offer instagram worthy backdrops, glow balls, candles, edison bulb lights, string lights, popcorn and cotton candy machines as well as lawn games to keep the kids and adults busy at your outdoor events.