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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

What young girl hasn't dreamed of being the "Queen of Sixteen" at her very own birthday bash? With all her friends gathered to help celebrate, snapping selfies and creating memories that last a lifetime. But what do you do to entertain a group of teens? Sixteen year olds are way past the indoor playground party stage, but aren't quite the adults they think they are. Finding the right mix of fun, but not "kiddie" fun requires some planning, creativity and thought.

First of all, setting a budget and determining the maximum number of guests will enable you to decide where you have the party. Let your daughter piece together her guest list at her pace, but setting a limit right away will enable you to start sourcing venues and narrowing down themes, ideas and overall costs.

There are endless theme and party ideas when planning a Sweet 16 party, but the most important aspect is choosing something that reflects the personality of your daughter. Does she want a bonfire bash with smores and sparklers, a sporty spice games night with competitions and trophies, a winter skating party with fire pits and hot chocolate, a backyard movie night, a line dancing country music event or her very own amazing race? Is she looking for full on DJ dance party, a murder mystery dinner party or is she all about social media and getting the message out with photo booths and instagram moments? Or maybe it is a high tea mermaid, dance party which takes place on top of the CN Tower with the gals from Pretty Little Liars cheering her on? Ok so we haven't ever planned a party like that before but you see our point ... the wishes and desires of creative teens are limitless! Planning a Sweet 16 Party with a theme helps to make the night memorable, engages the teen party goers and is a ton of fun for you.

Make it a night your sweet gal with never forget.

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