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Movie Night Under the Stars

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The Summer of 2020 is proving unique and challenging for gathering friends together, for celebrating milestone occasions and for birthday parties for your kids. With the small number of guests allowed in your backyard and event venues and restaurants and patios either closed or with tight restrictions it is difficult to know what you can do and how to make it fun. A Backyard Movie Night is one of our favourite old-fashioned ways of entertaining and ticks all the “social distancing” boxes. You can have a birthday party movie night for little ones, a teen movie night or a fancy movie night under the stars and go all out for your friends.

Depending on what type of movie night you want, we can help you make it the perfect night.  For the do-it-yourself crowd all you need is a white sheet, small digital projector, phone or laptop, Bluetooth speaker and your favourite movie.  Throw down some blankets and pillows 6 feet apart or spread out some chairs and you can have 10 kids or teens in your backyard to watch the latest movie.  Serve individual popcorn, licorice,  and cookies with bottled drinks and you are all set for the movies. 

For the adult crowd, consider bringing some inside comfort outside with lots of pillows, couches, chairs, white flowing curtains and string lights.  You can rent a screen and projector or a supersized TV and hook up to your network and binge watch your favourite netflix series. Serve champagne, gourmet popcorn and lots of fun treats ... it will be the highlight of  your friend's summer events. 

Whether you decide to go fancy with champagne or rustic with lights and candles or super DYI with pillows on the ground a Movie Night under the stars will be the summer event to remember!!

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