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Donuts ... Scrumptious, Delectable, Mouth-Watering Rings of Fried Dough!!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Nothing can beat that feeling of biting into a delicious donut. Whether they are sprinkled with sugar, glazed and gooey, infused with maple bacon or simply a little round hole that you pop in your mouth donuts are simply to die for. And donuts, in all their lip smacking glory, are the hottest addition to dessert tables no matter what type of event. So move over cake slab the donut is the way to go.

With a few clever products to display your donuts you can have a dessert presentation that makes everyone ooooohh and aaaaahh! Put away the cake knife and bring out the Donut Wall and some cool Donut Stacking Stands. Nothing makes a bigger impression on a crowd than an over-the-top Donut Bar.

If you plan on having your donuts stacked on pegs, make sure you buy some traditional donuts with a hole in the middle. For those specialty filled-donuts, lay them out in an attractive display on beautiful white platters, birch tree chargers or colourful platters that match your theme. Fill oversized martini glasses and jars with donut holes and mini powdered donuts. Create a beautiful stacked donut display and use as a centrepiece at wedding and baby showers or serve warm cinnamon mini donuts with a side of chocolate dipping sauce. There are some very creative flavour combinations out there right now with injectable inserts and decadent outrageous toppings. The specialty shops can be a bit pricey so mix it up and combine the fancy ones with the good old standards from the coffee shop around the corner. A few well-placed and clever signs will round out your table and have your guests congratulating you on your creativity and ingenuity. It’s that easy.

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