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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

While Candy Bars have become mainstays at Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet 16s, and Showers we don't believe they are passé. In fact, we are big fans of Candy Bars and believe they are more than just bowls of treats; they are an incredible opportunity to enhance your décor, show your personality and have a little fun.

With creative containers and display tables, personalized signs, photos, and take-home bags, candy tables are one of the best ways to bring together colour, party themes and décor. Based on years of putting together candy tables for parties, and of course testing the sweets ourselves, we have put together a few words of advice .....

General rule of thumb is to have about 4oz of candy per guest.

Depending on your decor, the age range of guests and overall party vibe, candy can be all one shade and tone to match your theme or be all the colours of the rainbow. Be creative with your candy choices and offer different items such as lollipop trees, candy kabobs, chocolate covered pretzels or retro candy that will get your guests laughing and reminiscing about their younger years.

Containers and how the candy is displayed is the best way to complement your theme.

Be creative and mix wood, glass, metal pails, and baskets. Adding depth and height to your table makes the visual all more appealing and also enables guests to easily reach all of your treats. We often use wood crates, gift-wrapped boxes,

or clear lucite display containers.

Candy Bags or take-home boxes are a must.

They make it easy for your guests to enjoy the treats while still mingling throughout the evening and also enables them to bring a few treats home. Customizing your bags and containers lets you tie in your theme, colour, event name, date and much more.

Customized Signs with funny commentary, phrases and jokes show your

personality and add some fun to your event. Photos and theme decor are also a great way to add a personal touch.

And finally, especially when preparing a candy table at an event where

there will be children, be mindful of allergies and always provide a few options that kids with food allergies can eat. Peanut and Nut Free treats are easy to find and go a long way in making sure everyone feels included.

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